Insurance Repairs and your Car

Were you Involved in an Auto Wreck? Unfortunately, no matter how good of a driver you are or how carefully you follow all rules and regulations, sometimes you find yourself involved in a car accident. This unleashes a number of stressful hassles and questions such as:

  • How much paperwork will you have to complete in order to get the job done?
  • Where can you have the repair performed?
  • How many estimates will you have to get?
  • Who can you trust to perform a quality repair?
  • How much back-and-forth will there be with the insurance company?

Barron & Hart will work with any insurance carrier. Depending on who your insurance is with we advise you on the steps required to get your car back to normal. We treat all our customers the same regardless of the insurance or non insurance aspect of your repairs.

At Barron & Hart our Collision Repair Team will help you throught the process.
  • We help you with your claim process regardless of the insurance carrier.
  • We can get your vehicle towed to our lot.
  • We advise if a supplement is required, for items your insurance adjuster may not have seen.
  • Best of all, at Barron & Hart, we stand behind the quality of our work. We do that in two concrete ways:
    • Lifetime warranty on all workmanship performed by Barron & Hart
    • Professional certification in the industry Both the insurance and body shop industries view I-Car as the leader in training for the collision industry.
To be eligible for this designation, each employee must take a certain number of educational and training classes annually to ensure he or she has the skills necessary to perform excellent repairs.

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